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Resilience, A Sansei Sense of Legacy,

is an art exhibition concerned with the Sansei (third generation) Japanese American artists’ reflections on experiences surrounding parents’ and grandparents’ incarceration in the WWII American incarceration camps as a result of Executive Order 9066, which affected people of Japanese descent throughout the American countries in which the diaspora spread. Resilience broadly addresses two questions: How has this traumatic experience been passed on through three generations? How does it resonate with the artists’ senses of identity, justice and/or understanding of the current political climate?

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The New Domestics, Finding Beauty in the Mundane

examines topical issues currently explored from coast to coast and globally in the art world through the use of unconventional mediums in various media and forms.

Artists in the exhibition utilize domestic and quite ordinary materials to generate art objects that conceptually and formally belie their humble origins. In highly skilled, labor intensive, often obsessive traditional manufacturing methods, they have taken their work beyond normal expectations of what thread, yarn, felt, cloth, metal, wood can do. The materiality of the objects informs the artistic concepts that each artist is exploring.

The exhibition questions societal ideals of beauty and usefulness, gender, identity, and politics through the use of materials and processes previously relegated and identified with the “craft world.” Each artist has amalgamated these materials with domestic practices, shifting the perception of how materials operate within a conceptual framework. The artwork explores these issues in ways that most typical paintings and sculptures cannot because, in essence, the inherent content of the work stems from the very methods and materials used to make it.

This exhibition debuted at the Monterey Museum of Art and is now traveling to San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, California

The exhibition will be on view at
San Joaquin Delta College
March 5 – 22, 2019

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